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I'm starting her off young :)

So this morning we woke up @ 6:30 AM and go ready. Got out the Farmer's Market @ 7 and started to set up the table.  The traffic is kinda slow. Hopefully in two weeks I'll have more cards done and more people will be interested.  A lot of people do stop by my table and look...mainly @ the money rose & my crane inside the ornament. There was an old man that was interested in my candy bouquets, but he didn't know if he wanted all chocolate or if he wanted the ones with skittles too.

Anyhow, we're chillin @ Darren's house and I went into the kitchen to put the plate up and you will never guess what I saw when I came back into the living room...

Apparently she got into my scrapbooking supplies, found my Martha Stewart glitter & stamp...and well as you can see the picture what my little diva was attempting to pull off. Luckily for me that's a brand new bottle of glitter and so no mess was made.

Well off to look for more ideas.